Big Forex send out signals and charting through our private telegram app. Telegram is one of the leading messenger services in forex. With instant messaging, this will help minimise delay and help.

Obviously this is down to the trader as you choose how much to invest. We recommend starting with £400 as this will leave a healthy balance in your account after any outcome. Remember to trade with only what you can afford.

Our team of experts will be analysing the markets everyday and monitoring throughout the day to ensure we enter the trade at the optimal point. At Big Forex we will never enter a trade unless we are certain it meets the criteria. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the exact number of signals however we do target 7-10 signals per week.

Broker coming soon.

Yes, you can choose any trading platform you wish. Our signals are compatible with all brokers.

Yes, our signals are easy to follow from around the world. Signals may be posted at different times throughout the day depending on what session we are trading.